In a happy ending to a tragic story, an Arizona family has now adopted Ashton, the “dog with no eyes.”  Just two years old, Ashton was found on the side of the road, exhausted, with both eyeballs popping out of their sockets. The Arizona Humane Society’s Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital rushed him into surgery and successfully removed the badly damaged eyes, which helped Ashton with the pain but left him blind.

The Arizona Humane Society’s Behavioral Team prepared a plan that has helped Ashton learn to navigate without eyes. Through this training, Ashton — who has earned a reputation as an exceptionally well-mannered dog — has learned commands to help him live a relatively normal life. Every step of the way, the AHS Behavioral team and Animal Shelter have hoped that he would eventually find a loving home.

With his health back up to par, there was nothing left for Ashton to do but wait for his day to be adopted by a family. That fateful day has come — as the shelter wrote, “Ashton, a sweet dog who lost both of his eyes due to severe trauma, has found his fur-ever home. We’re so proud of our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital and Behavioral Team for all they’ve done for Ashton as he adapts to life as a blind dog.”

With many animals rescued from the street and just a small percentage adopted, this story is one for the books. The Humane Society cares for homeless dogs and cats the best they can, but the goal is for the animals to become a part of a permanent family.  Special-needs dogs can be the hardest to find homes for — but as Ashton proves, they can also make the sweetest companions.