Finally, a chance for the U.S. Government to ban animal cosmetics testing for good. The European Union has already done it, and now it’s our turn.

Representative Jim Moran of North Virginia has proposed a new bill called  the “Humane Cosmetics Act,” or H.R. 4148, and it would fully ban animal testing in the cosmetics industry. It would also halt sales of animal-tested cosmetics from other countries.

Said Moran:

“The U.S. can and should phase out the use of animals in cosmetic safety testing.  Not only are animal-based tests fundamentally inhumane, they also rely on outmoded science that can fail to accurately predict safety for humans. This legislation would encourage the use of testing alternatives that are more effective and cheaper to conduct, helping the American cosmetic industry remain the dominant, and humane, leader in the global cosmetics market.”

You can help the bill pass by signing this PETA petition, which lets the powers-that-be know that you support the Humane Cosmetics Act. Even better, contact your congressman, too.