Americans Don’t Know that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the Same Thing

Americans Don’t Know that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the Same Thing

jimmykimmelIf education is the heart of a true democracy, then a democratic nation we are not — at least not if a recent sampling of Americans on Jimmy Kimmel Live is an indication of the general population (scroll down to see the video).

Kimmel took to the streets of Hollywood to ask ordinary pedestrians which they thought was better: Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act. These are the exact same thing; nonetheless, people spurned Obamacare while hailing the “affordable alternative.”

One women claimed that she “just doesn’t agree with the whole Obamacare-policy-thing that’s going on,” though she couldn’t explain quite why. She did, however, agree with the Affordable Care Act…just as she agreed with Kimmel’s statement that an informed citizenry was essential for democracy.

One opinionated man told Kimmel that Obamacare was “kind of un-American,” but that the Affordable Care Act was “more American because it allows people to make their own choices.”

When Kimmel asked one man why he thought the Affordable Care Act was more affordable than Obamacare, he replied “Just the name says it all.”

As sad as the segment is, the ignorance hardly comes as a surprise. People are more likely to hear propaganda slamming Obamacare than they are to actually research it. And as Kimmel points out, when you ask people what they think of the individual laws included in Obamacare — like banning insurance companies from dropping sick patients or placing lifetime caps on coverage — they’re all for the regulation.

Whatever you call it, the new health care bill isn’t perfect. But it’s a good start to fixing a dismal system that leaves too many people uninsured or underinsured. And personally, I can’t wait to get my Obamacare, if the government ever gets its act together and funds it.

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  1. Scott Berry

    Yeah, Obamacare < ACA / Affordable Care Act < actual provisions of the law.

    Although I'm sure Kimmel picked out the dumbest answers he received, I saw a survey that indicated the difference in approval ratings (high and low combined) for Obamacare vs. the ACA at about 16%. That means that at least 1/6 of the population doesn't know the difference. (There are likely some who are against "both" or for "both," not realizing that the two are the same.)

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    • Nina

      Thanks for the stats – and I’m usually hesitant about posting things that are so heavily edited/slanted. But misinformation about Obamacare is rampant, and the clip does highlight that point pretty nicely.

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