If you have a fear of snakes, you might want to close your eyes. This video of a flying snake  (technically a gliding snake) shows the elegant serpent soaring through the air from heights that would probably kill you or me. The snake seems to fall in the beginning, but then moves nearly horizontally through space.

I had to look up the flying snake after watching this video, and I learned that they can actually make turns in the air just by undulating their bodies. National Geographic also says that they’re even better at gliding than the flying squirrel. I think this footage is proof. Since they eat rodents, would a flying snake chase a flying squirrel through the air? Although I wouldn’t want to see the squirrel get caught, that would be pretty amazing.

Nat Geo said that flying snakes might sometimes use their power to hunt, but probably use it more often to escape predators or to move between trees without having to climb down one and then up another. Flying snakes live in the jungles of South and Southeast Asia, so be sure to look up often if you’re wandering around those parts.

The video is from the Institute of Physics, and I sincerely hope the snake was treated well. When I first watched, I thought the snake was urged off of the ledge; but watching again, I noticed that she/he actually seemed to jump voluntarily. I’m going to trust that my fellow nature-lovers were nothing but gentle and respectful with the fascinating creature.