As You Enjoy Holiday Leftovers, Thousands Will Die in the World’s Largest Animal Sacrifice

As You Enjoy Holiday Leftovers, Thousands Will Die in the World’s Largest Animal Sacrifice


Friday, November 28, most of us Americans will be reheating goodies left over from our Thanksgiving feast. But as we enjoy our tables of plenty, countless water buffalo, lambs, goats and birds will lose their lives in Nepal in a sacrifice to the Hindu goddess Gadhimai.

The Gadhimai festival happens every five years, and it’s the largest ritual sacrifice in the world. Worshippers believe the goddess will grant them luck if they kill an animal – any animal – in her honor. Drunk on liquor and the thrill of the crowd, men relentlessly hack away at these poor animals, leaving the festival grounds soaked in blood.

Animal-rights groups like Last Chance for Animals have been urging Nepalese authorities to stop the killing, to no avail (they profit from it, so they have incentive to keep it going). But if more of us become aware of this government-sanctioned atrocity, we have a better shot at making sure it doesn’t happen again in 2019.

Here’s a video explaining the festival. I wrote and narrated it myself, and it’s still hard for me to watch. But without educating people on the truth of this tragic event, there’s no way to stop it from repeating:

The World’s Largest Sacrifice from last chance for animals on Vimeo.

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  1. Infidel753

    [Expletive deleted] religion turns people into monsters, everywhere.

    Concerning the petition mentioned at the end of the video, “” doesn’t come up as a valid URL when I try it, nor does a search on any obvious keyword bring it up for me. Did I mis-hear?

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  2. Neil

    It’s so difficult to accept that this ‘festival’ is actually happening in our ‘modern’ world! I did not want to believe what I was seeing! 🙁 I will definitely be finding out more about this and seeing what can be done to support efforts to have it stopped.

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    • Lady Freethinker

      It really is hard to believe. The good news is that the next one is 5 years away, so we have plenty of time to stop it!

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