The more we learn about the bloodthirsty dentist Walter Palmer, the less there is to like. According to The Telegraph, Cecil was just one in a string of exotic animal shootings. Next on Palmer’s agenda? An elephant. But thankfully for these gentle animals, he couldn’t find one large enough to fit his ego.

Palmer reportedly asked his guide, professional Zimbabwean hunter Theo Bronkhorst, to find him an elephant that had tusks weighing at least 63 pounds each. That’s a “very large elephant,” Bronkhorst said.

But Bronkhorst couldn’t find an elephant of that size, so Palmer went on his way.

Of course, that’s no relief for the dozens of exotic animals the dentist has already left in his wake. As you can see in the video below, no wild animal is safe around Palmer. He’s killed rhinos, leopards, boar, other lions — literally dozens of species.

What we have here is a serial killer obsessed with slaughtering wild animals. May Cecil be his last victim.