Activists Save Over 5,000 Minks from Fur Farms, Get Charged as Terrorists

Activists Save Over 5,000 Minks from Fur Farms, Get Charged as Terrorists

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Two animal rights activists were arrested by federal agents on Friday for allegedly
embarking on a cross-country mink-liberating crusade two years ago, authorities

Joseph Buddenberg, 31, and Nicole Kissane, 28, both of Oakland, Calif., were
arrested by the FBI and now face charges of violating the U.S. Animal Enterprise
Terrorism Act — a 2006 federal law that prohibits any person from acting in an illegal manner “for the purpose of damaging or interfering with the operations of an animal enterprise.”

According to investigators, Buddenberg and Kissane mounted a 40,000-mile venture
aimed at releasing captive minks being raised at farms nationwide. Authorities said
the pair also vandalized animal-related businesses.

A San Diego grand jury charged Buddenberg and Kissane Wednesday and the
indictment was unsealed following their arrests Friday. Each made their initial court
appearance later in the afternoon.

Federal investigators said between June and December 2013, the pair succeeded in
releasing more than 5,000 minks destined to become fur coats. The farms were
located in Idaho, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota. They also allegedly
released a bobcat from a fur farm in Montana.

“Whatever your feelings about the fur industry, there are legal ways to make your
opinions known,” U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said in a statement.

Court documents reportedly detailed one instance in which Buddenberg and Kissane
allegedly drove down the West Coast and used paint, glue and even acid to
vandalize Furs by Graf in San Diego. The FBI said the pair also damaged the homes
of the store’s current and former owner.

Prosecutors say they also broke the windows at a Bay Area market, slashed the tires
of a San Francisco meat wagon, glued shut the locks at a fur business in
Minneapolis and attempted to flood the Wisconsin home of a fur auction employee.
Along the way, officials say, they stopped using their cellphones and used encrypted
emails to elude capture — and communicated with extreme animal rights groups

“The conduct alleged here, sneaking around at night, stealing property and
vandalizing homes and businesses — with acid, glue, and chemicals — is a form of
domestic terrorism and can’t be permitted to continue,” Duffy added.

If convicted on the animal terrorism charges, Buddenberg and Kissane could each
spend up to 10 years in federal prison and be on the hook for $250,000 in fines.

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  1. Ming Allen

    What a load of nonsense. There should be prosecution for animal cruelty, not against those who fight for animal rights.

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    • kathy jordan

      The fur farmers should go to jail! People become frustrated because fur farms continue to torture animals and that’s legal? People who wear fur are selfish people!!!

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      • Renee Calpin

        I agree, they are heroes not terrorists!!!

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    • b

      OK so when and where I can do just that? I am old , I don’t care if end up in jail for a while. So, what are we doing now?

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      • L

        Animal Liberation Front. May these people be freed.

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  2. Lyn Williams

    I’m going to start by saying that their method was wrong. Destroying anyone’s property is wrong.They should face fines or time for that For me,that is one subject! When is our government going to put and end to the killing of animals for their fur nationally. Their have been thousands of petitions signed. When will the government care what happens to these animals. No one should have the right to do this horrific thing to steal the animals fur. Unfortunately the officials take notice when people take things into their own hands because our officials are continuing to allow such a barbaric industry to continue. Other than the destruction that this couple did to people…I personally am so glad that the animals that were saved from such agony, torture, abuse, barbaric murder for selfish money reasons were saved. I was sick to my stomach and heart broken when I read about the people that were asking for permission for a license in Montana for raising and killing animals for their fur was granted. Just what is the matter with our officials to continue making such a vile decisions of such a life of horror and torturous death for these animals. Shame on the decision makers. We need to put an end to all of this and show respect for life. These animals have feelings both physically and emotionally.

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  3. alicia hernandez

    When laws are no strict enough to protect the innocent one needs to do the moral right which is to save the innocent creatures from being abused what gas the works become when the innocent can’t be saved because the fucking law does not convict or save the innocent

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  4. jackie russell

    The problem is that many people don’t want animals killed for their fur, there is no need for it in this day and age, we have signed petition after petition and still it goes on all to line the pockets of greedy people. People are sick to death of all this animal cruelty, but nothing is done!! I applaud these people and no way should they be treated as terrorists, how stupid!

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  5. Shawn McCarron

    What an unforgiving act of betrayal by our federal government.. and all the while, any deviant is left to defile our country at will while we allow violators of every moral fiber of the principles of what this country was founded on perpetrate their atrocities under the guise of “commerce”. This country is starting to remind me of the other countries that I was afraid of when I was young because what I knew about them left me scratching my head.. greed has corrupted our morality and I can’t believe that the money that we pay in taxes is being used to prosecute these humanitarians and persecute innocents.. I feel so ashamed to be a human these days.

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  6. laurie

    Absurd. The act of slaughter for vanity should be illegal to begin with. We all know right from wrong. To punish someone for a loving heart is worst travesty of mankind ..continuing to display it’s ugly head even in the face of kindness. Punish the FBI.

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  7. JJ

    The fur industry is unequivocally the worst form of animal cruelty that exists, but our society suffers from selective compassion when it comes to seeing it for what it is. For example, we will arrest those involved in dog fighting rings, yet protect the rights of others who profit from skinning alive other animals like foxes (cousins to the canine) and coyotes (share the same dna as canines) and seek to jail those who stand up against the hypocrisy and barbarism. The federal government is standing behind people who value profit over life, and greed over compassion, as they torture and kill animals for profit. Yet the federal government is also flagging other small time criminals for animal torture and charging them with felonies. So I guess according to our government, if you make enough profit from torturing animals then, you get a free pass. CORRUPTION

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  8. Barbara Kruza

    Animals have rights and we need to speak up and protect them! Not wear them around your neck like a trophy!

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  9. Jambrina Sakellaropoulo

    The only way to change the unG-dly neglect, abuse, and immoral conditions for animals is legislation! Where are the voices when law-makers never even mention the plight of animals? We (animal lovers and environmentalists) need to shout, scream and be heard before election time rolls around….How about NOW!!!

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  10. Laura DeRosa

    No, humans are the “animal terrorists” for terrorizing our animals to insufferable death and torture! Don’t be afraid of animals, be very afraid of those kind of human beings who have no remorse or feelings to kill someone or something for no good reason other than for hate, power, or greed.

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    • Ray

      Mu god you ever been outside a city park nutjob?

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  11. Ray

    Excuse me while I go vomit.These dirtbags are nothing more then criminals and hopefully these assholes get what they deserve a long time in prison.ISIS,Neo nazis,PETA,Aryan nations,ALF,Al Qaeda HSUS what’s the difference? Human filth who are going to use coercion,intimidation,arson and all to often violence to force others to agree with their sick perverted agenda and that the VAST MAJORITY DO NOT AGREE with too bad one of those fur farmers didn’t blow their fucking heads off.Be warned urban radical animal rights freaks.People are fighting back

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