It’s not often that I get to post a happy update, so this is pretty special. If you’ve been following my blog lately, you know that the Arkansas House proposed a bill to block audio recording in the workplace. That’s not just bad news for employees needing evidence of discrimination, harassment or safety hazards – It would spell doom for organizations like the one I work for, Last Chance for Animals, which relies on workers’ recordings to expose brutal abuse at factory farms and other horrifying places.

This little-known bill was moving fast, so we rushed to create a petition against it – huge thanks to all who signed, and to people like Infidel753 for helping spread the word – and contacted all the Arkansas media we could. And it worked.

Little Rock’s ABC News interviewed the (very conservative) politician who proposed the bill, Rep. Mark Lowery, and then interviewed me. And by the time the reporter got to me, Lowery had already called her about his plans to amend the bill, greatly narrowing its scope.

Here’s the news clip, where you can see how the poor reporter had to tack on the supposed amendment at the last minute:


He never did add the amendment, but it didn’t matter – the bill failed in committee just a week later. And no, I can’t say for certain that the publicity and flood of petition emails are what stopped it. But there’s a very, very good chance that they are. And at the risk of sounding cheesy, my faith in the power of activism has been thoroughly refreshed.