Hey, do-gooders, do you want a job that is meaningful and pays the bills? Well, it can be done. With a little pre-planning, and, in some cases, additional education, you can find the perfect career that matches your caring, helpful nature with your fondness for eating and having a roof over your head. Here are a few ideas to get started.

1. Healers
Taking care of others is at the top of the wish list for people who choose a healthcare profession. While this typically includes doctors and registered nurses, there are lots of other jobs in the field that make a direct and meaningful impact on lives, including nursing home assistants, medical equipment technicians, respiratory therapists, registered dietitians, and even patient transport staff.

2. Carers
Close on the heels of the healers, these kind folks include home health and hospice aides, midwives, social workers, and rehabilitators of all sorts, from speech and physical therapists to substance abuse counselors.

3. Educators
While many U.S. teachers currently feel the pinch of reduced staff, frozen salaries, and too much administrative oversight, most still contend they do it to prepare children for a better future. Besides teachers, you might consider becoming a principal, school counselor, or even a specialized teaching position in special education, English as a second language, or adult literacy.

4. Public Protectors
Let’s hear it for our first responders – those police, fire, and emergency personnel who are the people we call when we need immediate help. Other than volunteer firefighters, most of these jobs offer solid salaries and benefits on top of the rewards gained from helping others and the community.

5. Money Raisers
Nonprofit organizations need contributions to keep helping people. If you’re persuasive and analytical, you’d do well as a director of development, a foundation program officer, or even as the director or upper level manager of a nonprofit – and still raise a little money for your electric bill at home.

6. Green-ers
Green jobs are red hot. Whether you want to produce goods or services that improve the environment, or work to improve environmentally unfriendly practices, there’s a green job that’s right for you. Consider organic/sustainable farming; alternative fuels like solar, wind, and biofuel; home or business energy efficiency; regulatory affairs and law; or recycling. Or become a park ranger or game warden to help the environment and wildlife.

7. Animal Advocates
Love creatures of all species? Helping animals opens up a herd of job possibilities, from veterinarians and their assistants to wildlife rehabilitators, marine biologists, humane law enforcement/animal control officers, lobbyists, pet groomers, or animal shelter workers.