After an undercover investigation by Last Chance for Animals, two China dog meat slaughterhouses in the Jillin province have been shut down by the authorities.

The undercover video below reveals the extent of the torture the butchers inflicted onto the dogs. Many of the dogs were pets who had been stolen from their families (still wearing their collars); others were strays picked up off of the streets, while some were raised in commercial breeding facilities. China’s dog meat trade kills about 10 million dogs each year, and the industry is fueled by criminal gangs who roam the streets darting dogs with poison and hauling them off to the slaughterhouse.

The dogs are thrown into small wire cages where they’re crammed tightly together to fit as many dogs as possible onto the transport trucks. They spend hours, or sometimes days, on these trucks with no food and water. Many dogs arrive at the slaughterhouse with broken bones — others arrive already dead.

Even at the slaughterhouse, many dogs still trust the humans who are about to torture and kill them. They wag their tails and look hopefully for affection. Other dogs are justifiably terrified, smelling the violence in the air.

Eventually, each dog is chased down and beaten with a club. Then their throat is slit; as the dogs bleed out, they may be burned or boiled alive.

LCA investigators showed the undercover footage to the Nongan Animal Health Bureau (AHB) in Northern China, who then closed the Zhao Zhiyong and Wangyajun dog meat slaughterhouses. The slaughterhouses are trying to reopen, and LCA continues to monitor the situation.

No animal cruelty law exists in China to stop dog meat. However, because dogs aren’t on the list of animals approved for slaughter, commercial dog meat is still illegal and LCA was able to close the slaughterhouses on this technicality. LCA is working to end the dog meat trade in China, as well as pass an animal cruelty law that will make it a crime to abuse animals. You can help by signing the petition at, which is aimed at the Chinese Embassy and urges them to take action to protect the dogs and other animals of China.