Actress Kim Basinger appears in a PSA from Last Chance for Animals urging China to end its dog meat trade, which kills about 10 million dogs per year to be sold as “gourmet” meat in restaurants and meat markets.

The video features undercover footage taken from LCA’s investigative team in China, which is working full time to stop dog meat as well as help pass an animal cruelty law that will protect all species of animals in China (not a single animal cruelty law exists in China right now, so even the worst animal abusers don’t suffer any legal consequences).

Many of the animals in China’s dog meat industry have been stolen from their homes by gangs who roam the street and grab any dog they find. These criminals dart the dogs with poison, then drag them away and stuff them into tiny cages, crammed together so tightly with other dogs that it’s often impossible for them to move.

At the slaughterhouse, it only gets worse. The dogs are clubbed over the head, and their throats slit as they gasp for breath. Their fur is burned off and they are boiled — many dogs are still alive as they are cooked to death.

Chinese Dogs, Dead and Burned, Hanging

Dog meat is not for the poor; rather, this costly “delicacy” is a luxury food, sometimes eaten at celebrations like the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

In the video, Basinger urges viewers to sign the petition on the website Aimed at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC, the petition calls for Chinese officials to ban the slaughter of dogs for meat in addition to passing a more sweeping law that will grant protection to the rest of China’s animals.

Basinger is a well-known supporter of animal rights; in the past, she has spoken out about cruel dental experiments on dogs as well as the fur industry, and she is also a vegetarian. Help her spread the message against dog meat by signing the petition and getting the word out: The dog meat trade must end.